$1500 Giveaway Rules!

Endeavor Stake Pools is announcing a $1500 giveaway to our delegators! We will be giving away $250 when our pools reach 10M and 25M Live Stake! And, as a grand prize, we will be giving away $1000 when our pools reach 50M!

In order be eligible, you MUST DO ALL OF THE FOLLOWING:

1. Follow us on Twitter

2. Retweet our giveaway Tweet.

3. Delegate to ENDVR Stake Pool

The following additional rules are in effect for this giveaway. Please read these rules carefully:

1. The 10M, 25M, and 50M Live Stake total EXCLUDES IOG/IOHK delegations. In other words, if IOG or IOHK delegates 64M to ENDVR as part of their rotating delegation plan for smaller pools, their 64M will not count towards the contest total.

2. To be eligible for the contest, you MUST follow us on Twitter, retweet our giveaway Tweet, and delegate to the ENDVR stake pool before the prize drawings occur. Winners will be asked to provide proof of delegation, via a screenshot from Daedalus, before prize money will be distributed.

3. Snapshots of our follower and delegator lists will be taken within a 24-hour period after we reach 10M, 25M, and 50M Live Stake, as determined by the Live Stake totals on https://pooltool.io/. The exact time will remain unspecified within the 24-hour period.

4. Winners will be chosen from the list of followers taken in the snapshot in Rule #3. Followers must be following us AND delegating to us when we draw for winners for that prize. The drawing will be held via Live Stream or Video, with a drawing method to be determined ahead of time (these rules will be updated prior to the drawing).

5. We will draw 3 potential winners for each giveaway drawing. The first winner will be notified by direct message or email. Winners will have 72 hours from the timestamp of the notification to claim their prize. If the winner does not claim the prize within 72-hours, we will send a notification that the claim has expired to the winner, and then send a new notification to the next name on the list. If all 3 selected winners fail to claim their prize, we will do a new drawing of 3 names based on the same snapshot as collected in step 3, and will repeat the notifications.

6. We will perform the selections via Live Stream or Video. Links TBD.

7. By entering this giveaway, contestant agrees to have their Twitter handle revealed on Twitter and on our web site so that integrity of the contest can be ensured.

8. To claim a prize, the winner will be asked to provide screenshots as proof of delegation from Daedalus to ENDVR. All delegations must have been made before the snapshot was taken, as described in Rule 3.

9. Endeavor INTL reserves the right to perform additional verification of delegation if it suspects that the screenshot is forged or that the delegator delegated to the pool after the  winner's name drawing was completed. Such additional verification is at Endeavor INTL's sole discretion, and may involve asking for additional screenshots and/or documentation from the winner.

10. All giveaway milestones will be documented on Twitter and this page.

11. All rules decisions by Endeavor INTL are final and binding.

Questions about rules or procedures may be sent to info@endeavorstakepools.com.

© 2020 by Endeavor INTL (ENDVR)