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Endeavor INTL Core Beliefs

With hundreds of stake pools to chose from, it may be hard to find a pool that will work best for you. At Endeavor INTL we want to make it very simple and rewarding. We also want to share with you our 3 core beliefs:

  1. Delegators come first. No bait and switch, no scams and totally focused on maximum rewards.

  2. Professionalism...always. We'll never incite flame wars on social media. We are here to grow the community, not tear it down.

  3. Give back to important causes. We've already launched our Endeavor Giving Project, which focuses on giving back to social causes we believe in; our first such project has been volunteering countless hours to help create software for special education programs in schools. Other causes we feel strongly about are LGBT rights, human rights, and helping victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. Our founders have already donated time and money to political candidates that champion these causes. Other ideas to help with those projects include donations to the World Health Organization, the Polaris Project to stop human trafficking, and NRDC to fight global climate change.

There are a lot of other fun things planned as well. For instance, after we mint our first 10 blocks, we'll be giving away a $10 Steam gift card to our Twitter followers. Don't worry if you're not on Twitter, we have plans to do similar things of other platforms.

Let us know on Twitter, or here, if you have suggestions of other things we can do.

Ian & Michael

Endeavor INTL

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