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If you want to get involved with ADA, you've come to the right place! We believe ADA to be one of the most important projects of the next decade. That's why we are offering our Cardano (ADA) Stake Pools. When a project becomes this exciting, we want to be in the middle of it!

What makes this project so exciting? For one, the ability to earn a steady 5% return on an appreciating asset! Investors holding ADA can earn returns just for participating in the network! This works just like Bitcoin mining, but without the obscene electricity usage, slow transaction times, and unequal payouts.

How can YOU get involved? The first step to getting involved with ADA is to LEARN about it from the source. Click the link below to visit the Cardano Foundation website, and do some reading! The Reddit Cardano forum is also a wonderful place full of information and helpful contributors. We provided both links so you can catch up. Or, email us at:

What Happens Next?

If you've done your homework, and still want to get involved with ADA, here are your next steps:

1. Buy ADA on Kraken, Binance, Coinbase (coming soon), or your exchange of choice (the Reddit forum should have good recommendations for you).

2. Download Daedalus, the OFFICIAL Cardano Wallet, from the website. Do NOT download it from anywhere else.

3. Send your ADA to your Daedalus Wallet.

4. Stake your ADA to the Endeavor Stake Pools (ENDVR 1 / ENDVR 2)! The beauty of the Cardano network is that your ADA never leaves your wallet. It's way more secure than Bitcoin!

5. Earn 5% return on your ADA coins!

This isn't an actual step that you do. It just happens! Forever!

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