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Why do you Cardano?

Cardano is an amazing platform, and people support it for all sorts of reasons. Some invest because they believe in a fully decentralized future. Others invest because they believe in the process of building new technologies in a collaborative way. Some invest for the raw potential of ADA growing in value, and others invest because Cardano can offer stable mining rewards on an asset that is increasing in value. Whatever your reason for investing, you, as an individual, or as an institutional investor, have reasons for making your choice that are personal to you.

If you are an institutional investor, responsible for managing your firm's cryptocurrency investments, the odds are that you have ADA in your portfolio, and you need to pick a stake pool that both helps your investment AND looks good while doing so. In this case, you will want to pick a pool that has consistent performance and also looks good to your shareholders. That's why we started Endeavor Stake Pools.

Many stake pools are run by college students, grad students, or entry level tech enthusiasts who do not understand basic security or the need for standard practices. Many stake pools are run by operators with a history of narrow-minded thinking and less-than-favorable social media presence that would make your PR department reaching for the panic button. We at Endeavor Stake Pools are striving to do things a better way. We're offering a platform for people and corporations to trust, both with their delegation and their reputation.

Endeavor INTL has lofty goals. We want to advance causes for human rights, and victims of domestic violence. We believe in saving our environment, and protecting those facing discrimination and inequality. But we know we have to start small. That's why we built the stake pools ENDVR and ENDJA; with the proceeds from these pools we have pledged to give and to aid projects related to all of the causes we believe in. Yes, we believe in advancing the Cardano ecosystem to help build a better decentralized financial system. But in the end, what is really important to us is the causes that make the world a better place. Helping families, children, and the planet. THESE are the reasons we Cardano. This is what we are delegating for.

So if you want to increase your asset portfolio, and invest it safely in a pool that both helps your bottom line and understands you need for good press, choose Endeavor.

Endeavor to be great with Endeavor Stake Pools!

And tell us, "Why Do YOU Cardano?"


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